【Magazine】tasogare times. vol.9 ~Spain/France~ has issued.

A latest number of my travel photo magazine "tasogare times" vol.9-Spain/France- has issued. 


Theme of this issue is "Longing for Cerulean Blue".

Catalonia's Modernismo architecture, Valencia's white wall, and Paris, the magnificent city... it should be more beautiful under the cerulean blue. This issue will tell you scene of Spain and France with beautiful sky.


A5 size/ 16 pages / 500 yen (including shipping)

※domestic shipment only 



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[tasogare times vol.9] - Spain/France


// Contents //;

photo issue - Longing for Cerulean Blue 

travel diary          

serial writings "the world is beautiful today too."

world's sunrise / sunset

a dish from world                    etc.